“Do it yourself” Online Marketing
Posted by stanley on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I recently spotted two great examples of small businesses leveraging online marketing, using simple cost effective, “do it yourself” marketing campaigns. Both companies are Cape Town based confirming we really are becoming the vision set out for by Silicon Cape. Both companies are also in the most competitive of kosher online industries TRAVEL - in other words not PPC industries (Porn, Pills, Casino’s) - just really wanted to get that acronym in :).


Lets discuss the Winter Specials Restaurant Guide. The guide contains about 70 specials from as many restaurants in the Cape Town and Cape Winelands areas. A guide like this can be put together by anyone and is useful information for just about anybody living in the Western Cape. That’s an audience of probably around 1 000 000 online users.

As this content is so useful we will talk about it, go through the list with friends, etc. By doing this we make the list/guide/content viral. For example: I heard about the list at a braai and Googled it the very next day. I have sent the link to the blog, to many of my close friends.

So how does this benefit the business that put it together?

  • Well for one - like me 100’s of people must’ve googled “Winter Specials Restaurant Guide/List/ETC” which will drive them targeted traffic (most Googlers will live near the business/ might use or recommend its services).
  • In my opinon far more importantly it’ll build them links. Links are considered by search engines as votes of confidence. The more votes the better your search engine rankings. The better your rankings the more traffic you website recieves. The more traffic the more enquiries… well you get the picture.

What made this campaign so successful was the value/usefulness of the content.

Well done Whale Cottage see the cape town restaurant winter specials guide.


The next campaign I would like to discuss is a Facebook competition is doing phenomenally well and has had 80 000+ people to join the group and post to the wall. Many of these users also I’m sure have also visited the website and probably bought the product.

I believe the campaign is so successful for two main reasons:

  • The prize is valuable enough
  • Entering the competition is simple and free

The entire competition feels very authentic, that builds trust and when you trust something you are far more likely to recommend it. This campaign got the business at least 100 000 eyes on the brand - basically for free.

Well done Rosendal Winery & Wellness Retreat enter the facebook competition here.

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