Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable tools you could have in your shed.
Emails are the ideal medium for communicating specials, news and events whilst also keeping your brand top of mind.
How many of your clients don't have email addresses?

Why use our Email Marketing Services?
- Affordable
- Scalable
- Fully customisable
- Audience behaviour reporting included

Email newsletters are sent to opt-in subscribers. We will ensure that your website includes a subscription form and will advise you on the best ways of building your subscriber base.

The Branch Media Email Marketing Process

The Harvest
We set up a subscription form on your website. Prospective clients then "opt in" to receive communications and marketing material by submitting their details, and are automatically added to your subscriber database.

The Pitch
We design and code a customised template, which is populated with your marketing content (products, services, specials, news, etc.) This is sent to the subscriber database or selected records.

The Report
You receive a detailed report on the audience's response, including statics such as click-through rates, fully read emails and emails forwarded.

Newsletter Report

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