Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing (also referred to as Cost Per Click) entails placing advertisements on a search engine's results pages.

On Google's search results page you will notice results on the right-hand side of the page (see diagram below). These results are "paid-for results" , and advertisers bid on these ad positions.

Search Engines Results Page

In order to get your product or service displayed here for a particular search phrase Branch Media creates relevant advertisements, and bids on well-targeted search phrases. Depending on your industry and the search phrase in question this can cost anywhere between R0.40 and R100.00 +.

NOTE: You only pay when your advertisement is clicked on

For example: You bid R5.00 on the search phrase “African Travel”, because others have also bid on this search phrase. Your competitors have placed a higher bid amount for the same phrase - say R7.50. As a result, your ad is displayed in position 5 of the paid results, below this competitor's ad. Someone searching for "African Travel" notices your result (thanks to your well written ad copy) and clicks through to your website. This visitor has cost you R5.00, and is the perfect candidate for your services (they searched for them after all). This type of visitor may well become a customer that spends thousands of rands on your services.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing
- Scalable - start with a budget of as little as R200 per month
- Highly targeted - focus on specific geographic locations, search phrases, age groups, etc.
- Only pay for actual visitors - you don't pay when a user only views your text advertisement
- Measurable - determine exactly how much revenue your budget generates.

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