Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of editing a website's structure and content with the aim of achieving better rankings on the major search engines, namely MSN, Yahoo and Google. Ultimately, however, just getting better rankings isn't enough; you need more visitors, which depends highly on the key phrases that you rank for.

A search engine's organic results are typically found on the left-hand side of the search engines results page (SERP). Users will generally only view the first one or possibly two results pages so it is essential that this is where your website can be found.

Search Engines Results Page

Each SERP will include 10 natural results. Each of these feature a Title, Description and a URL (see diagram 1.2) all which can be customised by editing your website's pages.

Example of a Search Result

Website Ranking Factors
According to Google, over 200 on and off-page variables are taken into account when they rank a web page. Some examples of these include:
- Title tag
- Meta descriptions
- Page content (copy and images)
- Inbound links
- Image alternative text
- Internal link structure
- Age of domain
- Page names, etc.

For a good idea of what to keep in mind when designing, developing or optimising your website, read this excellent article on Search Engine Ranking Factors.

The Branch Media SEO Process
In optimising a website, we initially ensure that all your pages have been indexed by Google.We determine what keywords are most regularly searched for and relevant to your industry, product or service. We then optimise your pages to include these keywords in a natural and logical way. These keywords are well distributed throughout your site's Titles, Meta Data, content, internal links, etc.

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